BROOKLYN - The New York City Housing Authority announced today that it has completed an $18 million project to install surveillance cameras in 31 of its developments across the city.

Most of the affected NYCHA buildings are in Manhattan, but more than a half dozen housing projects in Brooklyn benefitted. This is the second round of camera installations since the 2015 fatal stabbing of 6-year-old PJ Avitto in East New York. His friend, Mikayla Capers, was also injured in that attack.

Officials say the closed-circuit cameras have been an integral part of identifying suspects involved in criminal acts. 

In addition to security cameras, they say ongoing security upgrades include electronic key entry access to residents.

"Effective public safety requires the collaborative efforts of police, housing management and staff, and the residents themselves," says Gerald Nelson, president for public. "NYCHA's CCTV is a vital public safety and accountability tool that can assist our efforts to improve the quality of life at NYCHA developments."

NYCHA says the city's portion totals approximately $16.62 million, and the state investment totals approximately $1.45 million. Overall, there have been 988 new cameras installed citywide, as well as upgrades to 152 existing cameras.