BROOKLYN - A Crown Heights woman says a monthslong leak is causing mold in her NYCHA apartment.

Sharena McEachern says she is scared to breathe in the air of her Albany Houses apartment where she lives with her 15-year-old son.

She says mildew has been growing around a leak in her kitchen ceiling for months.

"It makes you actually sick to your stomach to kind of inhale it," she says.

McEachern says the leak started back in March and has slowly progressed until it one day flooded her kitchen.

She claims NYCHA did nothing about the leak and that things got worse. McEachern says the ceiling is starting to peel above her stove.

"I'm scared to cook because I don't want to eat anything not knowing if there's going to be mold or mildew or debris falling in it," she says.

News 12 is told NYCHA found no visible signs of mold or mildew during a visit on Tuesday but did find water stains indicating a possible leak.

News 12 is also told NYCHA is looking in to the situation and apologizes for the impact it has had on McEachern and her son.