WILLIAMSBURG - Brooklyn tenants at city housing authority buildings say that they are living with constantly leaking roofs.

One of the NYCHA buildings experiencing roofing issues is Borinquen Plaza on Humboldt Street in Williamsburg.

Borough President Eric Adams is calling attention to the poor conditions of rooftops at NYCHA buildings. He says money was set aside to fix the damaged roofs, but that funding is now going somewhere else.

"The governor has decided to divert that money to legislate his pet project like playground and landscaping," said Adams.

Adams is now calling on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to restore the $100 million in state funding.

The city promised to match that amount and use the money to repair roofs at NYCHA developments. A spokesperson for the governor's office says that the money that was allocated in the state budget did not have a specific project.

The state housing commissioner will sit down with the chair of NYCHA to discuss how the money will be spent.