WILLIAMSBURG - A woman living in a public housing facility in Williamsburg says a horrible odor is polluting her home.

"I hate it in there," says tenant Ree Edwards. "I have to go to the doctor. They're testing my blood for bold antibodies and toxins. It's making me sick."

The scent was so overpowering that News 12 reporter Dana Arschin was only able to remain inside for about 30 seconds, taking just cellphone video of the interior.

Edwards says she believes mold is the source of the stench. She says she had been living with her late mother at the Williamsburg Houses since she was a young girl. Her mother died last month, and Edwards was issued an order to vacate the apartment, which was registered in her mother's name.

A NYCHA representative says the building's manager has made several attempts to investigate the apartment but was denied by the tenant. Edwards says she is unaware of those attempts.

NYCHA told News 12 that officials were able to access the apartment earlier Wednesday and identify the cause of the stench. In addition, the housing authority says it will allow Edwards to remain in the apartment as she pursues the appropriate process to become its new leaseholder.