BROOKLYN - A new high-tech program meant to help police determine where gunshots are fired, even if no one calls 911, is expected in Brooklyn next week after launching in the Bronx.

The technology, called the ShotSpotter, works like a GPS triangulation system to identify the location and direction of gunfire. It's made up of multiple sensors and ultra-sensitive microphones.

The ShotSpotter is designed to decrease officer response time and enhance public safety by immediately pinpointing the scene of the crime and dispatching cops to the location. Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton say the pilot program will transform the way the NYPD responds to gunfire activity. 

The system is being installed in areas with a history of high gun violence. The Bronx is the first borough to launch the ShotSpotter. There have been a total of 300 sensors installed citywide as the technology is expected to expand to other areas.