BROOKLYN - Overall crime is down across the city, officials said Monday, but rapes are on the rise.

In Brooklyn's 70th Precinct, the number of incidents more than doubled from 8 to 17. Three of them happened in June alone. 

Officials said other sexual assaults are up as well. At the end of May, police released surveillance video of an attempted rape near the tennis court in Prospect Park.

Overall, however, Mayor Bill de Blasio and NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said total crime has gone down for the 26th-straight year.

De Blasio described New York City as the safest big city in the country and credited improved relationships between the police and community members.

The mayor also reiterated his support for the Black Lives Matter activists and praised Bratton's record on race relations. Bratton, however, has criticized the activists' tactics recently while calling for more dialogue on the issue.