BROOKLYN - The NYPD and FDNY have been taking to social media to remind city residents of important safety tips in honor of National Safety Month this June. 

Firefighters have been tweeting out tips since the start of the month. They include checking smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and having a fire plan in place at your home or business. 

Police have also been doing their part to alert its followers to dangerous situations and how to prevent them. They're asking everyone to be aware of their surroundings, inspect machines before swiping credit cards and to be careful of what their kids have access to. 

Officers from Brooklyn's 45th Precinct recommend carrying keys rather than keeping them in a purse or wallet. They also advised people to let their belongings go if someone tries to steal them, especially if there is a weapon involved. 

Finally, with the Fourth of July approaching, the city agencies are reminding everyone that fireworks are illegal, dangerous and should be left to professionals to use.