NEW YORK - An NYPD officer shot in the line of duty in Queens died Monday.

Officer Brian Moore, 25, was shot in the head while sitting in an unmarked police car and in plainclothes on Saturday.

The suspect, 35-year-old Demetrius Blackwell, is being held without bail on two charges of attempted murder of a police officer, aggravated assault and criminal possession of a weapon. However, charges are expected to be upgraded.

Moore had been fighting for his life at Jamaica Hospital, and was in a medically induced coma following surgery prior to his death. His partner, identified as Erik Jansen, was not injured.  

“He's a remarkable young man. A great loss to this department, a great loss to his family and a great loss to this profession and this city,” said NYPD Commissioner Bill Braton.

President Obama also remarked on Moore’s death while at a speaking engagement in the Bronx.

"He came from a family of police officers. And the family of fellow officers he joined in the NYPD and across the country deserve our gratitude and our prayers, not just today, but every day," Obama said.