BROOKLYN - Eastern Parkway will be filled with hundreds of thousands of revelers instead of traffic as the West Indian American Day Parade kicks off on Labor Day, and that means heightened security.

Over the years, the parade has been plagued by violence, although many residents say that has decreased in recent years. The NYPD plans to keep that downward trend going.

Police Commissioner William Bratton says an “anything goes” attitude won’t work and that thousands of police officers will be on patrol, in addition to other security measures.

"We are focusing on a number of crews that operate in those areas and taking a number of preemptive measures against them," says Bratton. “In terms of keeping very close tabs on who they are, who’s in jail, who’s out of jail and making them very aware that we’re around.”

Bratton says security planning for this year’s parade started after last year’s parade. Police also will set up steel barriers along the parade route.

Residents say they’re looking forward to the music, dancing and colorful costumes and hope the festivities will be uneventful when it comes to crime.

News 12 Brooklyn will have live coverage of the parade starting at 7:30 a.m. on Labor Day.