BROOKLYN - NYPD officials say almost 130 firearms are off the streets thanks to an undercover double sting of an illegal gun operation.

The sting also led to the seizure of more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition. One of the guns undercover cops bought was used in a gunfight in East New York last year.

Operation Carver began last November. News 12 Brooklyn was told the suspects lived in the Carver Houses located in East Harlem. The suspects are accused of selling 41 guns to an undercover cop. The remaining 88 guns were seized during the 'Mickey Mouse Trap' operation, which began last May.

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly says he believes all of the guns seized were brought into the city from out of state.

Police say 16 people have been charged with multiple counts of the criminal sale of firearms, conspiracy, criminal possession of a weapon and other related charges.