BROOKLYN - The New York City Board of Elections certified the results of New York?s presidential primaries Tuesday, and the final tallies show Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) winning handily in two Brooklyn election districts.

Going into the Feb. 5 primary, some Brooklyn voters expected support for Obama and Sen. Hilary Clinton (D-N.Y.) to be comparable. However, after initial results showed Clinton winning all the votes in some districts, some Brooklyn voters became concerned and began suspecting a conspiracy.

But the final count showed Obama winning convincingly in Districts 10 and 11. He didn?t fare as well in other districts, but he was competitive, according to the results. The final tallies are critical in determining the apportioning of New York?s delegates.

Some political observers say that the discrepancy may have been caused by something as simple as the design of the ballot itself. The candidates were listed in random order, with Clinton first and Obama fifth.

Obama and Clinton are locked in an increasingly bitter contest, with upcoming primaries in Ohio and Texas on March 4 - ? battles which some experts say Clinton cannot afford to lose.