THE BRONX - President Barack Obama was in the Bronx Monday to announce plans to expand the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative, a program aimed at helping men of color stay on the right track to success.

The program started one year ago. The president says the initiative has spread from a governmental and grassroots movement to private business involvement.

During his speech at Lehman College, President Obama spoke about young black and Latino men and the challenges they face in this country, from setbacks in education to lack of mentoring. He announced $80 million in private funds that has been set aside to help these young men achieve success.

“An initiative to address the persistent opportunity gaps and ensure that all of our young people, particularly young men of color, have a chance to go as far as their dreams will take them,” said President  Obama.

The president has laid out goals for the My Brother's Keeper program, including ensuring all children read at grade level by third grade and increasing graduation rates by 20 percent.

Police had barricaded much of the campus area, but students and bystanders were able to see the president as he landed and as he left the borough.