HOMECREST - The busy intersection of Ocean Avenue and Avenue U is one of the borough's 10 most dangerous, according to watchdog group Transportation Alternatives.

Neighbors say traffic at the intersection resembles rush-hour conditions most times of the day, and they complain accidents are common. A car hit a motorcycle rider at the intersection last month, killing the motorcyclist. However, drivers aren't the only ones at fault.

"I think [drivers] are rushing and people don't take time to see if pedestrians have the right of way, and some pedestrians are busy with iPods, cell phones ? they are distracted," Midwood resident Gisele Strauch said.

Transportation Alternatives wants the Department of Transportation to install turning lights. Experts predict the changes need to come soon since Brooklyn's population is expected to grow, bringing more traffic to the area.

The DOT says it is aware of an increase in accidents along Ocean Avenue and the agency plans to monitor the situation.