BROOKLYN - A summer scorcher struck Brooklyn Wednesday, and city officials are working to keep residents safe from the potentially dangerous temperatures the rest of the month.

Before donning bathing suits and flip-flops, the Office of Emergency Management is reminding citizens of several tips to keep in mind while outdoors. They say it is important to keep the air conditioner on and stay out of direct sunlight. They also discourage exercising in extreme heat.

Residents should check on their neighbors, especially the elderly and those that live alone.

The OEM is reminding people to stay hydrated and wear liberal amounts of sunscreen during all summer activities. A brochure called "Beat the Heat" is available for download.

Weather forecasts for the week show temperatures in the upper 80s, even reaching 90 degrees at times. Despite the scorching heat, many Brooklyn residents told News 12 they still plan to spend much of their time outdoors.