BROOKLYN - A victim of a deadly Coney Island arson fire is now showing signs of improvement.

The NYPD Hispanic Society posted on its Facebook page that Officer Rosa Rodriguez opened her eyes for the first time Friday, giving her children a thumbs up to let them know she would be all right.

Officials say 16-year-old Marcell Dockery sparked the fatal fire in a high-rise building in Coney Island on April 6. When she received word of the blaze, Rodriguez, along with Housing Officer Dennis Guerra, 38, rushed to the 13th floor of the building. Both were overcome by smoke while trying to rescue people.

Guerra eventually succumbed to his injuries and died a few days later, and Rodriguez was left critically injured.

Dockery, who is the sole suspect in the case, is facing second-degree murder, assault in the first degree, arson in the fourth degree and reckless endangerment charges.