BROOKLYN - An NYPD officer's gun accidentally went off during a police raid in Flatbush Friday, according to police.

It happened at 375 E. 29th St. around 4 a.m.

Police say they were executing a search warrant looking for someone inside the home who may have had a gun. They say an officer's gun accidently went off, sending a bullet through a wall.

Police say no one was hurt, but upset neighbors say there were children inside the home.

"They told me and my son to get down on the floor and they handcuffed him and then I heard the shot," a neighbor said. "I have young kids in the house."

Police say one man was taken into custody on a drug charge.

The home is the site of a May 18 homicide where one man was found dead outside with a gunshot wound to the chest. Officials did not say if the police raid and the previous homicide are related.