BROOKLYN - Police officers and educators across the city teamed up for a special event Tuesday to foster community relations.

Organizers say the first-ever "Team Up Tuesday" event was aimed at connecting kids with officers from their local precincts and building support networks and community connections from an early age.

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton and New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina visited P.S. 112 and read "The Story of Ferdinand" to first-graders, visited with older students and took part in trust exercises to highlight the importance of teamwork.

"In policing, it's all about working with your partner in school and in teaching it's all about teamwork between the various teachers on different subjects," Bratton said. "So what we are here to do today is a lesson on the importance of teamwork. Be yourself, but also understand how to work with others."

Police officers from 72 precincts visited more than 300 elementary schools as part of Team Up Tuesday.