BROOKLYN - Police officers in the Bronx graduated today from an academy hosted by the community.

The People's Police Academy is a program where the community teaches officers from the 47th Precinct in hopes of building trust.

Commissioner Bill Bratton came to the graduation, shaking the hands of some of the 50 officers that went through the community-led academy and says the program is truly unique.

"The idea of creating a police academy in the community--providing the instructors, providing the food. I think you've seen today that the community and officers involved love it," says Commissioner Bratton.

Several officers shared their love for the experience, saying they truly enjoyed the three-day long community immersion and the constructive criticism to be better officers.

The program was so successful in the Bronx that they will now be held all over the city. The 79th Precinct in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn will be next.