BUSHWICK - Police say officers fatally shot a man Monday while responding to a tenant-landlord dispute at Hart Street and Irving Avenue in Bushwick.

Police say they were called to 902 Hart St. due to a dispute between a tenant and landlord. Two officers pulled up in front of the building and say 22-year-old Rexford Dasrath, who reportedly was the tenant involved in the dispute, banged on the car window and threw a glass at the vehicle.

The officers say they got out of the car and Dasrath lunged at them with a knife. Police say one officer pulled out his gun and asked Dasrath to put down the knife, and when he refused the officer shot the man in the torso and hand.

Dasrath was taken to Woodhull Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Neighbors say the shooting happened in broad daylight at a time when children and other people were in the street.

Police say no one else was hurt during the shooting.