BROOKLYN - Six teenage girls are in custody in connection with the beating of another teenage girl at a Flatbush McDonald's, officials say.

The attack occurred this past Monday at the fast-food giant's Flatbush Avenue location. Surveillance video of the incident has gone viral since being released.

Zaira Ingeran, 16, has been charged with assault and inciting a riot.

Mercedes Wilkinson, 16, confessed and turned herself in to police. She is charged with robbery and gang assault.

Police say that Tilani Marshall, 17, and Deahvina Gonzalez, 15, were also taken into custody Friday. The Brooklyn district attorney says that 16-year-old Aniah Ferguson admitted to beating the teen in the video.  All three teens are charged with robbery and gang assault.

A 14-year-old was also arrested in Atlanta.

Although authorities have not released the victim's identity, she has come out on Facebook as Ariana Taylor.

Community leaders say they are outraged by the extreme violence. 

Community advocate Tony Herbert has launched a new program called the "One Family, One Community" initiative. 

The goal is to access programs that focus on employment and career choice resources, as well as mentorship outreach, violence intervention forums and opportunities to engage young people with positive influences in their lives.