BROOKLYN - Officials were back at the scene of Holy Angels Catholic Academy in Bay Ridge Tuesday after nine people were sent to the hospital and dozens became sick due to fume inhalation yesterday.

Police say a parent did not feel the school was safe enough for the children and called 911. The parent says there was a strange odor near the building. The fire department immediately responded along with crews from the Department of Environmental Protection. Officials searched inside the school buildings along 74th Street. They also searched manholes and sewage lines to see if there were any gas leaks. 

The call comes 24 hours after a cleaning solution was poured into a drain at the school causing a cloud of toxic fumes inside the building. Eight children and an adult were hospitalized, and 30 others became sick, officials say.

 In a press release the Department of Environmental Protection says school officials told them a corrosive liquid was poured into a clogged sink. After the sink was unclogged and cleaned, no odor was present and meter readings were normal.

All those hospitalized were released, police say.

No injuries have been reported, and officials are still investigating what caused today’s smell.