BROOKLYN - Local officials and neighbors say they are concerned after heavy winds earlier this week caused a large piece of metal to fly off the roof of a nearly finished construction project and almost hit a pedestrian.

An employee of a nearby marina says the piece of metal blew off the roof of the Southwest Brooklyn Waste Transfer station, hit a security booth and just missed his car.

Assemblyman William Colton has been leading the fight against the construction of the waste station. He says the incident reflects the city's recklessness.

He says the incident is not the first report of negligence at the site and that he is fed up with safety concerns in the area.

Officials at the Department of Sanitation say they are aware of the incident.

The Department of Design and Construction conducted an investigation and determined the contractor, Stonebridge, secured the construction materials for high-wind conditions as required by construction protocol Monday evening, but the heavy winds caused a sheet of roof deck to blow off.

As a precaution, the DDC is requiring Stonebridge to secure all roof decking with additional straps and screws.

News 12 has reached out to the mayor's office about the incident and has not yet received a response.