BROOKLYN - One man was injured in a police-involved shooting early Sunday morning in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens.

A Shot Spotter gunshot detection system picked up gunfire on Rogers Avenue and Sterling Street around 7:15 a.m. Authorities say that's where they found Paul Mathurin with a firearm.

They say they asked the 31-year-old to stop, and when he didn't, three officers fired 12 rounds, hitting Mathurin in the hip.

Authorities say the man was taken to King County Hospital, and is in stable condition.

Officials say no officers were injured.

Police say they recovered a 9mm handgun, which they say Mathurin used to threaten others before the shooting.

The NYPD says witnesses described Mathurin as acting irrationally, screaming and yelling before the incident.

However, those who know Mathurin, who is known in the neighborhood as "Smoky," say they find the allegations hard to believe. One friend described him to News 12 as a "good guy."