BROOKLYN - State officials are proposing a tax credit for installing surveillance cameras.

Nahid Kohanghadosh doesn't remember hearing anything the morning when 55-year-old Eli Weinstein was attacked in front of her home. That's why she was surprised when police came knocking at her door, asking to see her security footage.

In the video captured on Dec. 28, two young men can be seen beating up the victim and robbing him of his wallet and phone. Two suspects were arrested three days later.

State Sen. Marty Golden and Assemblyman Dov Hikind now say they want every crime caught on tape. Outside the Kohanghadosh home Thursday, the two announced a bill that would offer homeowners and businesses a $500 tax credit for installing a camera. Hikind says cameras are too effective of tools to ignore.

Mehran Kohanghadosh says he and his wife installed security cameras a while back just to keep themselves safe. He says he wants every home on his block to do the same.

The bill is currently moving through the state Legislature. Golden says he's positive that Gov. Andrew Cuomo will sign it.