FORT GREENE - Elected officials say the city pledged money to make repairs at Fort Greene Park, but some of the funds are missing.

Elected officials say the money should be in place. Councilwoman Letitia James and Borough President Marty Markowitz recently announced a $1 million plan to repair the staircase of a prominent monument at the park. The Deputy Mayor?s Office pledged $350,000 to the park four years ago, sources say.

However, parks officials say the city is unable to account for at least $300,000 in funding for the park, but not because the money is missing. A Parks Department spokesperson says the money was never put into the department?s budget for the purpose of repairing the park.

James says she remains hopeful money will be found to make the repairs. She says she is urging the department to locate the money or use what they call ?general requirements money.?