BROOKLYN - Some clothing bins around the borough may seem to be donating the clothing they get, but sometimes it is sold for a profit.

Renee Giordano, of the Sunset Park Business Improvement District, says private clothing bins aren't affiliated with charities. She says some owners, like Viltex USA, take the clothes that are donated and sell them for a profit.

When News 12 asked about this, Viltex responded saying they do sell the clothes and make a profit. They say that they donate to different charities with the profit.

Some bins are also placed illegally on public property. Officials say no private bins can be placed on public property.

A spokesperson from the New York City Department of Sanitation says that once it is made aware of illegally placed bins, it puts a sticker on the bin that warns the bin's owner that they have 30 days to remove it. If the bin's owner does not remove it, the Department of Sanitation does.

Some residents think private companies like Viltex take advantage of the system and that the city needs to be more aggressive about removing the bins.

"Why give them 30 days? That doesn't make sense. They should definitely get a fine and it should be a very hefty fine," says resident Tony Diaz.