BROOKLYN - Elected officials led a rally Wednesday calling on Long Island College Hospital to reverse its decision to shut down community services.

The hospital, at 339 Hicks St. between Atlantic and Pacific streets, announced on July 31 that it will be closing its maternity ward and discontinuing its OB/GYN services, forcing expectant mothers to make new delivery plans.

Councilman Bill De Blasio, who says there are other, less painful cuts that can be made, wants the decision to be re-evaluated.

Continuum Health Partners, which runs LICH, has said that the maternity ward caused the hospital too much financial distress, in large part because of malpractice insurance costs.

The state Department of Health will have final say on the closure of the maternity ward. Officials at the DOH say they have not yet received a formal request, so the state?s approval is still pending.