CITY HALL - ? Residents have one final opportunity to voice their opinions about Mayor Michael Bloomberg running for a third term at the signing of the bill to extend term limits, which will take place Monday, Nov. 3 at 9 a.m.

?For many New Yorkers, this is going to be their one and only chance to confront the mayor directly and say that they think this is wrong,? Rep. Anthony Weiner says.

One of the loudest opponents of the adjustment to term limits is 14-year-old Rachel Trachtenburg of Brooklyn. Trachtenburg plays drums and sings in a band with her parents, Jason and Tina, called the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players. Even though she isn?t old enough to vote, she urges other New Yorkers to speak out against the bill.

?It?s so awful, it?s not his right to do that,? Trachtenburg says. ?You get two terms and that?s it. It doesn?t really matter whether you?re a great mayor or not.?

Opponents are also saying the last-minute scheduling of the bill signing on the morning before a historic presidential election is an abuse of power by the mayor.