BROOKLYN - It has already received support from City Council, but some local politicians are hoping to put a stop to the 5-cent shopping bag charge before it becomes law.

Opponents of the fee launched a petition on Thursday, calling the charge unfair and hurtful to those who are already struggling to make ends meet.

The city's Sanitation Department says that 10 billion bags a year are tossed into the trash - roughly equating to 19,000 bags a minute.

The law applies to plastic and paper bags given out by grocery stores, drug stores and other retailers. There are some exceptions, however, as those on EBT will not have to pay the fee.

Those who participated in Thursday's announcement include state Sen. Simcha Felder of Brooklyn; state Rep. Michael Cusick of Staten Island; state Sen. Marty Golden of Brooklyn; state Sen. Andrew Lanza of Staten Island; state Sen. Bill Perkins of New York City; state Sen. Roxanne Persaud of Brooklyn; state Sen. Diane Savino of Brooklyn/Staten Island; and state Rep. Dov Hikind of Brooklyn.

Mayor Bill de Blasio earlier this week made it clear that he fully intends to sign the bill.