EAST NEW YORK - Some parents at P.S. 159 are demanding their money back after they never received their children's school photos.

P.S. 159 President Annette Ortiz says the school was scammed. According to Ortiz, the class photos are a fundraiser for extra activities. She says after the school paid $8,000 to the photo company, Reflections, they were told the company didn't have enough money to process all of the pictures. According to Ortiz, the PTA shelled out another $1,000 to get the balance of the pictures, but the photos were still missing from the order.

Parents are asking for refunds for the pictures that were taken in November. Ortiz says any refund will have to come out of PTA funds, which could mean the PTA won't have enough money for end-of-the-year festivities and graduation decorations.

Calls to Reflections were not returned.