ALBANY - (AP) - Republican Carl Paladino apologized to thegay community for what he called his "poorly chosen words" overthe weekend, as he sought to steer his troubled campaign back tothe tax issues that won him the Republican nomination in September.

In an e-mail distributed by his campaign late Tuesday, Paladinoapologized for editing out only some of the phrasing in a speechSunday to Orthodox Jewish leaders. His speech did includeopposition to schools' "brainwashing" of students into thinkingthe gay lifestyle is just another choice. He also said being gay is"not the way God created us."

Democratic candidate Andrew Cuomo declined comment. On Monday,he called Paladino's comments "reckless and divisive." The stateDemocratic Party called Paladino's apology a "non-apology," twodays late.

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