BROOKLYN - Community members met  Wednesday to start a petition against the closure of Saint Luke's Lutheran Church.

The 120-year-old church in Clinton Hill is slated to close by this summer, and a preschool housed in the building could also go with it. The church says the closure comes as a result of a significantly declining congregation and the need for $10 million in repairs.

Parents of students at St. Luke's Academy, the non-religious preschool in the building, say they aren't giving up without a fight. They say they don't want to lose their beloved school and church.

Community members discussed how to save the church and school at Wednesday's meeting.

The house of worship is expected as of now to hold its final service on June 22. The preschool will close as of Aug. 31.

The Metropolitan New York Synod released a statement, saying, "We appreciate the frustration of the parents and the impact this decision will have on their school. Unfortunately, the financial realities facing the synod require us to make very difficult decisions that protect our ability to serve our community."