BROOKLYN - The family of a Brooklyn teenager that was gunned down by an off-duty police officer say the situation was mishandled, and they are demanding an investigation.According to police, officials intercepted 17-year-old Eric Hines as he was getting ready to shoot another teenager execution style. Off-duty police sergeant James Rector says Hines then turned the gun and fired at him. Rector says he was forced to fire back and kill Hines. Now Hines? family says they want forensic tests performed to determine whether or not their son?s gun was fired. However, the police report claims a third man at the scene ran by and stole Hines? gun. Councilman Charles Baron (D-NY) says the police report seems far-fetched.Hines? family has called for an investigation by the Brooklyn District Attorney?s office. They have also hired an attorney. Barron also says the mayor and NYPD owe the Hines family an apology because no one from the city contacted the family after the shooting or attended memorial services.