Parents of Joel Robinson protest outside Brooklyn Charter School after administrator Amelia Clune allegedly demands student to eat food off floor

The parents of fifth-grade student Joel Robinson, among others, gathered in front of Brooklyn Charter School to call for action against the school's assistant principal. (5/9/14)

BROOKLYN - Parents and community leaders are outraged after learning a Brooklyn school administrator allegedly told a student to eat their lunch off the floor.

The parents of fifth-grade student Joel Robinson were joined by their lawyer and others in front of the Brooklyn Charter School Thursday. They are demanding that disciplinary actions be taken against Assistant Principal Amelia Clune.

They say Robinson accidentally knocked some food onto the floor, some splashing onto Clune's clothing. That's when Clune allegedly demanded Robinson to clean her pants and eat the food that fell on the floor.

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A spokesperson for the school says the incident has been resolved, but refused to go into further detail.

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