BROOKLYN - Parents say a Carroll Gardens school is drastically overpopulated.

They say enrollment has increased from 400 students to nearly 1,000 over the past 10 years, leaving children at P.S. 58 jammed elbow-to-elbow in classrooms of up 35 students.

"My fourth-grader has 34 children in his class and he said himself that they don't all get the attention they need," says Katie Nielson.

The school placed a cap on students in the upper grades, but parents trying to enroll their children in pre-K and kindergarten fear being locked out, as many were this year.

The Department of Education released a statement saying, "We have proposed spending $3.45 billion in our capital plan to bring nearly 40,000 new seats, including nearly 10,000 new seats in Brooklyn alone."

Parents say that when they met with the department this past week, they were told that there isn't enough real estate to expand the school. Parents and school leaders proposed that the city expand upward, adding another floor of classrooms to reduce class size.