SHEEPSHEAD BAY - Slides, swings, monkey bars and infectious laughter are usually associated with playgrounds, but parents say drugs and criminal activity have been rampant at a local Sheepshead Bay park.

Concerned parents teamed up with the NYPD and local lawmakers in an effort to eliminate drugs and criminal activity at Homecrest Park. They say they are tired of being afraid and of being approached by drug dealers and the mentally ill.

Community members say that the situation is a sign that criminal activity at the park is out of control.

Residents say the problem persists, even after police made arrests following reports of homeless people and drug activity in the park a few weeks ago.

Councilman Chaim Deutsch says he worked with the NYPD regarding the issue and increased daily patrols on the site. He says the situation has improved.

Residents took their concerns to the 61st Precinct Community Council Wednesday night.

Councilman Deutsch says he has received many complaints regarding the park and wants to work with residents to resolve the problem.