BROOKLYN - Brooklyn parents of children with a rare form of cancer held a bake sale to raise money to find a cure.

Neuroblastoma affects about 600 U.S. children ever year, including several in Brooklyn. It?s a form of cancer that generally affects only children.

The group of moms, who call themselves Band of Parents, attempted to bake and sell 96,000 cookies. Volunteers by the hundreds signed up to help do everything from baking to boxing to tying bows.

Gretchen Holt, with Band of Parents, has a 3-year-old son battling the disease. She came up with the idea to have the bake sale.

?Sometimes you hear that word charity, you think [that] means donating huge chunks of money and not everyone has that of course,? Holt says. ?But literally we?re like taping boxes, so it?s definitely a different way to contribute, but it?s something.?

The parents say they are desperate for treatment, research and a cure. Thousands of cookies were packaged and ready to be mailed out after the first day of the project. If Band of Parents reaches its goal by Dec. 9, it will total about $200,000 for research.

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