BROOKLYN - The state's new Common Core exams are facing more protests at another Brooklyn school.

Parents, students, teachers and even the principal rallied outside of P.S. 206 Joseph F. Lamb in Sheepshead Bay. Armed with signs, they chanted phrases like "teach, not test" in hopes that they'll help force a change.

The group said it's extremely unhappy with the English Language Arts section of the exam, which just recently wrapped up. Faculty members claim that students are being tested on information they're not supposed to learn until later grades.

The gathering comes on the heels of other similar protests, including one at P.S. 321 in Park Slope on Friday, and another in Carroll Gardens last Tuesday. Some parents are opting their kids out of taking the tests altogether, especially since Gov. Cuomo announced that the scores won't officially count on record until after 2018.

The 90-minute tests aim to create an educational standard for students across the country to ensure that all kids are reaching the same minimum level of learning in ELA and math. However, critics say the exams were developed incorrectly and are unfair, leaving kids overly stressed.