BROOKLYN - Businesses in Sunset Park say they were not notified about a reported plan to replace parking spaces with loading zones.

Renee Giordano, director of the Sunset Park Business Improvement District, says she obtained a letter sent to Assemblyman Felix Ortiz from the city's Department of Transportation revealing the proposed parking changes.

The DOT says it will replace parking spaces with loading zones along a 10-block stretch in order to relieve traffic.

Giordano says neither she nor any of the business members were notified of the proposal. She also says the plan could be bad for businesses in the area.

Business owners who spoke with News 12 say that while they appreciate the DOT's efforts to implement the loading zones and alleviate traffic, they do wish they had been included in the decision-making process.

News 12 reached out to the DOT, which says no changes to street regulation have been made.