BROOKLYN - News 12 Brooklyn got a rare look behind the scenes of the Brooklyn Museum that is undergoing a major renovation aimed at showcasing the beauty of the space.

The great hall of the museum now has four free-standing walls, new floors and gallery space - changes that represent phase one of a three-phase renovation plan.

"The building dates back to the early 20th century, it was built in phases and we've never had the opportunity to showcase the grand architecture of the space," says Ann Webster, of Planning and Architecture.

Brooklyn Museum has chosen an exhibit by SITU Studio as the first work to be showcased in the renovated space, taking advantage of the high ceilings and columns.

The next phase of the renovation will focus on overhauling the museum's café and bar.

The new space of the museum will open to the public tomorrow, and SITU Studio's exhibit will be available for viewing for about 10 months.