BROOKLYN - A party space in Brooklyn has closed its doors, leaving several customers who had deposited money for the venue out of luck.

The landlord for the building that houses Fashion Rock on Tompkins Avenue recently kicked out the business' owner, Warren Brown, saying that he had not paid rent for months.

Aseelah Diamond says she shelled out $600 to have a baby shower at Fashion Rock, but lost her deposit.

"I was sad because I had family out-of-state, my husband had family out-of-state come in for the shower," said Diamond.

News 12 Brooklyn attempted to reach out to Warren Brown several times, but has not heard back.

The lawyer for the building's landlord says Brown sent someone to represent him in court, who said Brown would pay the landlord back in rent.

So far, the lawyer says no payments have been made.  

A representative from the Better Business Bureau says to ask businesses if they have any references before booking a venue. They say to also check out online reviews.