OCEAN HILL - Gov. David Paterson and Rev. Al Sharpton met with the family of slain NYPD Officer Omar Edwards Monday to assure them the investigation into the incident will be thorough.

Edwards, who was off-duty at the time, was shot dead last Thursday by a fellow officer who allegedly confused the plainclothes officer with a suspect who had been rummaging through Edwards' car. Paterson told Edwards' family that he is keeping them in his prayers.

"I came in and offered them the prayers of my family and let them know how much we as human beings feel and have empathy for their circumstances," Paterson says.

William Bell, the father of Sean Bell, who was shot to death by plainclothes and undercover NYPD officers in 2006, also met with Edwards' family Monday to offer condolences and support.

Paterson says he will meet with elected officials and former police officers to discuss the investigation of the incident. According to Paterson, he may call for an independent investigation if he deems it necessary.