BROOKLYN - Members of the NYPD's Patrolmen's Benevolent Association gathered outside Mayor Bill de Blasio's YMCA in Park Slope again Monday protesting for better wages.

The union says it has been negotiating market wages for over two years with no luck.      
This is the second attempt to protest for wage hikes. In August, the PBA gathered outside the mayor's YMCA and Gracie Mansion. 

Mayor de Blasio's office previously released a statement saying, "Under this mayor, crime has fallen to record lows, 1,300 more cops are on the street, and we've invested $320 million more in officer safety and equipment. We are willing to talk about this every day—at the gym or anywhere else."

However, PBA President Pat Lynch says that police officers in New York City are paid 34 percent less than police officers in surrounding areas like Nassau and Suffolk counties.

He says it has come to the point that many of the officers that serve and protect the city can't afford to live in the city.

"We want to be out in the streets. We need more of us. We need to be treated and paid as professionals so we can get this job done," says Lynch.