BROOKLYN - A new survey sought to determine whether people identify more with the color of their skin or with their cultural background.

It's often a complicated question, especially for Latinos. When filling out a U.S. Census form, there are five choices under race: white, black, American Indian, Asian or Pacific islander. The option for Hispanic is listed separately, as an ethnicity.

However, a new Pew survey says two-thirds of Latinos consider Hispanic a race, regardless of their skin color.

News 12 Brooklyn spoke to local residents who had mixed opinions on the issue. Some say they didn't like labels of any kind, while others had more nuanced opinions.

"As an ethnicity, yes, as a race, no," said resident David Torres, "because there's Puerto Ricans, there's Dominicans, there's Mexicans, there's Ecuadorians. We're all different cultures from different parts of this world, but were still part of the Latin race."