BROOKLYN - Some Brooklyn neighborhoods are now part of a pilot composting program launched this month by the city.

Residents of Windsor Terrace, Park Slope and Greenwood Heights have been given brown organic bins, a small kitchen container and a supply of compost liners by the Department of Sanitation.

The goal of the department was to make composting a no-hassle task, was well as to save money.

The city is expected to save tens of millions of dollars since everything that goes into composting would ordinarily go to a landfill that the city would have to pay for.

Currently the program is completely voluntary, so there are no tickets or fines if residents choose not to participate.

Vegetables, fruits, baked goods, meat, fish, bones and flowers can all be placed in the brown organic bin.

The Department of Sanitation says the composting program has been around for a year in many Brooklyn schools.