BROOKLYN - Community Board 2 held a meeting Monday night to discuss the city's plan to sell the Brooklyn Heights library branch to a developer.

The plan includes turning the library, located at 280 Cadman Plaza West at Tillary Street, into a high-rise, mixed-use building with a library on the ground floor.

Residents opposed to the plan told News 12 that a public library does not belong in a private building. They say New York is turning into a "city of condo buildings" and that the new library will be too small.

Library officials are defending plans to sell. They say the current facility has fallen into disrepair and the sale will bring in a much-needed influx of cash. They say the 36-floor high-rise will benefit the whole community.

"Not only is there going to be a lot of affordable housing that will be included with the project, but we are going to get a brand new, state-of-the-art library to replace a library that's not really doing the job," said David Woloch, of Brooklyn Public Library.

The Community Board 2 meeting is only part of the approval process.

The library is currently $9 million in debt. It has had to close at 1 p.m. over the past three summers due to a broken air conditioning unit that has not been fixed because of a lack of funds.