(10/08/07) BROOKLYN ? Residents living in DUMBO have a new, open piece of public space thanks to Mayor Michael Bloomberg?s PlanNYC initiative.

The park sits at the base of the Manhattan Bridge, and residents say it?s nice to have some space put aside for public use. One aspect of the park that may have some people scratching their heads is the substitution of green-painted concrete for grass. Although it?s not the typical ?green? space many tend to think about, residents say it suits them just fine.

?It?s nice to have a place set aside for public use even if it?s green-painted concrete,? said Emily Watts, who works in DUMBO.

The park sits on land that was used to park dozens of cars. Similar parks could be coming to other locations throughout Brooklyn and New York City as part of the Public Plaza Initiative linked to PlanNYC.

The PlanNYC 2030 initiative was announced by Mayor Bloomberg in December of 2006. It is a program designed to enhance New York City?s urban environment.