GREENPOINT - Community members who were against plans to build a TransGas power plant in the area were happy to find out that the plans were vetoed.

Members of the New York State Electronics Signing Board voted unanimously to shut the plans down, raising questions about the plant?s effect on public safety. The board gave six reasons as to why they voted against the plant.

The board feels that the plant?s underground oil storage backup pumps wouldn?t be good for public health. They also said that the plans don?t follow the city?s land use regulation policy, and that the plans were not coordinated with previous plans for a 28-acre park coming to the area.

The board also said that the plans do not reduce environmental impact of the plant, and that they don?t comply with the waterfront management policy of the area.

However, the biggest reason the plans were voted down were that the benefits to Con Edison and its customers do not outweigh the environmental impact of the construction of the plant.

The Greenpoint Waterfront Association for Parks and Planning (GWAPP) plans to join other Brooklyn residents to celebrate the vote. However, sources tell News 12 Brooklyn that TransGas could appeal the vote. It has not been confirmed if this is what they plan to do.

GWAPP says that if the plant, which was to be built on Kent Avenue and N. 12th Street, had opened, it would be the fifth power plant in the area.