CROWN HEIGHTS - Police believe the same two men have been carrying out several armed robberies of cell phone stores in the borough.

Aris Aluarado was working at Crown Heights Cell, Games and Beyond when the suspected robbers entered the store.

?Two guys just came into the store and they took out a revolver,? Aluarado says.

When one of the suspects allegedly jumped over the counter, Aluarado says he and his brother tried to remain calm. The suspect then allegedly aimed a gun at Aluarado?s brother.

?I told him, ?Remove the gun from my little brother. We are cooperating. Try not to do anything stupid,?? Aluarado recalls.

Aluarado says that was when the suspects demanded boxes full of cell phones, he gave it to them ? empty.

The suspects allegedly stole $2,500 from the store. Police also believe the two suspects have robbed three other stores in Brooklyn.

Crown Heights Cell, Games and Beyond has only been in business for three weeks but says business is well after the robbery.