CLINTON HILL - Police say the suspect in an office shooting at a Gowanus business is dead.

After a couple of hours of a standoff situation, police confirm that the suspected gunman fatally shot himself inside the iron works business.

The incident occurred at around 11:20 a.m. Monday at 13th Street and Second Avenue. According to witnesses, Cameron Waithe came into the business asking about a job. Witnesses say within five minutes he began to shoot his gun, injuring two men -- one in his 20s and the other in his 60s.

Police say Waithe, 54, barricaded himself inside a tool room, prompting a two-hour standoff. Police say that as the hostage negotiation team spoke to the suspected shooter, he threw a device that appeared to be a pipe bomb.

The negotiation team says Waithe made the decision to shoot himself after 45 minutes of "positive dialogue."

Both victims were transported to Lutheran Hospital. One is critically injured and the other is stable.

A neighbor of Waithe's mom, Simeon Cheeks, says he has known Waithe for years and never suspected any trouble from him. He says Waithe was on disability leave from his job at UPS.

Waithe has five prior arrests. The most recent arrest was in 1995.